Mangomica, How it all started

Atopic Dermatitis (AD) is a condition that affects an increasing number of families. Our journey began with a personal struggle – our daughter had various skin problems from birth, also referred to as infantile period AD. Endless rashes, redness, dryness, and itchiness often kept us awake at night. Unfortunately, standard products available on the market proved to be ineffective.

Driven by the lack of effective solutions, we decided to search for the perfect ingredient that would not only moisturize but also provide long-term care for delicate baby skin. A pivotal moment in our journey was the discovery of unrefined mango butter, which turned out to be exceptionally effective in providing intense moisturization for AD skin. Its hyper-moisturizing properties are crucial not only for atopic skin but also for sensitive, very dry, or demanding skin.

Based on this discovery, we combined mango butter with other valuable ingredients, creating an innovative line of cosmetics designed for people struggling with various skin problems. Our mission is to deliver products that not only nurture but also provide genuine relief and comfort.

We are here to share our knowledge, experience, and solutions that have helped our family. Mangomica® products are a testament to our passion and commitment to helping those struggling with atopic dermatitis.


To change atopic skin care

Caring for AD skin is often a huge challenge, both for babies and adults. Searching for an effective cream for atopic skin often resembles a treasure hunt. But we believe that caring for problematic skin can be much easier and more effective.

Therefore, we create emollients that not only soothe symptoms but also focus on deep moisturization, supporting the skin in the regeneration process. Our products are created with individuals with problematic, hyper-reactive, or intensely moisturizing skin in mind.

Our unique formula based on unrefined mango butter is the key to effective care for AD skin. It is not just an emollient; it's our passion in combating discomfort and loss of confidence associated with skin problems.


Healthy skin every day

With Mangomica® products, we change the world for those with sensitive and atopic skin. Effective care means they can enjoy life without discomfort and skin irritations. We provide a sense of security, sourced from proven ingredients. . We achieve all this thanks to the inspiration we draw from nature.

Values behind Mangomica

Unrefined mango butter – research results confirm its effectiveness

The potential of the main ingredient, unrefined mango butter, was verified by the EU Import Promotion Centre. According to a study conducted on behalf of IPC by Ecovia Intelligence:

"Mango butter has regenerative, protective, antioxidant, anti-aging, softening, soothing, and moisturizing properties. Mango butter is available in refined and unrefined forms. Unrefined mango butter contains a higher amount of unsaponifiable substances. This means that unrefined mango has stronger regenerative, nourishing, and moisturizing properties."